Assin Fosu Beporkorkor is located deep into the forest parts of the Assin Fosu District of the Central Region, Ghana. Because of how it is isolated, the town seldom sees visitor and also seldom catches the attention of  the local government structure in the region. It is a very cut-off town.

The biggest challenge of the townsfolk was the lack of clean water. Up till when FOPIC Foundation intervened, the people depended on a very dirty pond outside the town and much deeper into the forest for water.

FOPIC Foundation responded immediately when this situation was reported to us by a member. We raised funds from benevolent people like you and organized to build a borehole. At the sight of clear water flowing from the pipes of the borehole, you could see a huge smile lineup on the faces of the people of Beporkorkor.

Though a small town of about 200 people the location of Beporkorkor has contributed to they been neglected by the local government.

For a very long time, the biggest issue in the town was the water situation. Though the townsfolk managed to build a borehole by themselves, the facility broke down and has been like that for very ling.

The water from the pond at the outskirt of the village can only be described as muddy and a terrible health hazard. As a result, the townsfolk reported very high rates of water-borne diseases.

FOPIC Foundation raised about GHs 25000 and contracted an indigine of the District to carry out the Borehole drilling and setup. The team identified the best viable place for maximum underground water pressure and sent down a drill and pipe to harvest it.

The project took about three months to complete. By the end of the period, clear water was successfully pumped up and the indigines started using the water. Today, the small town of Assin Fosu Beporkorkor has a clear and clean water source.

Clean water is a necessity for any human being. It is not right for a person to be deprived of this necessity. Thus, if there is any chance that we can prevent its lack, then that is a chance that FOPIC Foundation will take.

At the inauguration of the borehole, we saw that we had made a real difference. The smiles alone showed that it was worth it. And when a little child held a cup to the pipe for her first time, we saw that we’d removed a huge boulder and that made all the difference.

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