The Nsawam Medium Security Prison located at the South-Eastern part of the Nsawam Township on the outskirt of the Accra –Nsawam trunk road was established in 1960 to house and to provide a controlled environment for inmates. The first inmate of the prison was received on the 10th October, 1960 and since then, the facility has seen a huge increase in number of inmates; the numbers so huge that feeding and the daily care for the inmates is a real struggle for the prison authorities.


In response to the lack of adequate inmate care items, FOPIC Foundation visited the Nsawam Prison on 27th April 2019 to interact with the inmates and also to provide items to inmates. We provided food items, toiletries and other items which the inmates received with joy.

The Nsawam Medium Security Prison was built to house a maximum of 800 inmates but currently has over 3500 inmates who struggle for the limited resources. Apart from the limited facilities in the prison, there is even the bigger issue of sustenance. Officially, inmates live on a meager Ghs 1.8 food provision each day. Also, personal effects items are scarce.

FOPIC Foundation is committed to helping the prison service to provide adequate tools and resources that go a long way to help in the effective rehabilitation of inmates.


We visited the Nsawam Prison with an assorted variety of food items and personal effects to the tune of about GHs. 18,000 raised by benevolent individuals like you. We ensured that the inmates received the items as we went into the prison yard to interact with the inmates. We joined them in their Christian worship session and had fruitful interaction with the inmates. Their response was welcoming and they showed that they appreciated the gesture from FOPIC Foundation.

FOPIC Foundation’s goal for visiting the inmates of the Nsawam Medium Security Prison was not just to present food items and personal effects to the inmates. We insisted that we have a real moment of interaction with the inmates because we wanted show that the world outside the prison cares also.

We believed that the love shown by the many individuals who gave to get the items had to be demonstrated directly to the inmates so that they know that the outside world continues to care and love them. We believe we achieved this result because of the general reception the inmates gave to us especially when we joined them in their religious session.

We hope that such an experience will contribute to reshaping the perceptions of the world that they have and will go a long way to helping the rehabilitation process.


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