Last year June 2020, Fopic foundation donated rice, nose masks, sanitizers, liquid soaps but to mention a few to some slum communities around Achimota and Agbobloshie Market in Accra. Recipients of the items who were about 200 in number expressed their joy and were seen wearing the nose masks provided. They were also taught to adopt social distance measures and frequent washing of hands.

The founder, Mr. Daniel Nkrumah and Innovation and Programmes Manager, Madam Diana Tsitsiwu mentioned how timely this exercise was and the decision of the foundation to do this in order to support Government’s effort in controlling the spread of the Covid 19.

The advent of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ghana it everyone hard. This was because of the emergency region-wide shutdown that the government implemented in order to slow the spread of the disease. This turn of event resulted in heavy hits on businesses and more so peasant families all over the country.

Even though it was illegal to go out without PPEs like masks and hand sanitizers, just too many people couldn’t afford and so posed a health threat to anyone else.

We had to quickly look for a solution to these families and so came together to plan an outreach that distributed face masks and food items to these impoverished communities in the nations capital.

By your kindness, we were able to put together resources to distribute COVID relief items to some slum communities around Achimota and Agbobloshie Market in Accra.

We were able to distribute to about 200 people and they received the items with gratitude.

They explained that the timely intervention of the FOPIC Foundation, will serve as a buff in keeping them from moving out in order to fend for themselves. The nose masks would also protect them from the virus and keep their families safe.

Working on it.

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